About finding and losing love: New Age – Marlon Roudette

Marlon Roudette’s song New Age has nothing to do with esoteric religion but a lot with an experience everyone goes through at least once in a lifetime: it’s about finding and losing love. When you compare all the song lyrics in the world, which ones do you think prevail: the ones praising the happiness of love or the ones complaining about the pain which comes with the end of a great love story? I don’t know, but for me, the sad songs are often the deeper and more beautiful ones. Happiness and pain, they both inspire artists to create melodies and lyrics that help us to deal with these experiences in our life.

The song New Age” by Marlon Roudette (the complete lyrics can be read here)  is for all those who have to deal with the end of a relationship – whether it was love or something else… sometimes it’s hard to tell, isn’t it?

“If  love was a word, I don’t understand.
The simplest sound, with four letters.”

Loving someone is sometimes an all-embracing experience; another person takes over our life:

“I’m walking away, from everything I had.
I need a room with new colors.
There was a time,
When I didn’t mind living the life of others…

So much fire that it burned my wings.
Her heat was amazing.”

When it’s over, there is only the love of pain as a memory of what we had. “Everything” turns to “nothing”. A person changes and with that my life changes, there is nothing in common with the old life, an new age begins:

“Are you loving pain, loving the pain?
And with every day, every day
I try to move on.
Whatever it was,
Whatever it was,
There’s nothing now.
You changed.
New age.”

What remains? Daily life, the daily routines, the simple things:

“Now I’m dreaming of the simple things.
Old ways, erased.”

But – there is hope, a perspective:

“And with every day, every day
I try to move on…   I need a room with new colors.”

At the moment it might seem  impossible, but whoever has gone through the experience of a breakup knows: life goes on. There is a new life waiting, new experiences, new colors, and new songs. It’s strange: to tell someone this in such a situation is often not very helpful. However, a song CAN do the job without sounding too shallow. Music has its own and very powerful ways of reaching and touching the hearts of humans, and it does so also in the case of finding and losing love.

Thank you, Marlon Roudette, for finding these beautiful and comforting words and tunes in your song “New Age”.