I Wanna Be A Housewife – Jay Brannan

What a wonderful song! So simple, so easy to listen to, so without-a-big-fuss – after all these expensive, hyper-technical videos and songs I lately talked about in my blog. I like it for many reasons.

One being the fact that I am if not a full-time but certainly an 80% housewife myself. Not a perfect one and not one who loves all the duties that come with this job. I don’t like scrubbing the floors or cleaning the toilets, that’s for sure.

Jay Brannan seems to like even these humble activities.” I like to wash the dishes, I like to scrub the floors, don’t mind doing his laundry”. Why? Well: “what are boyfriends for”? In his song “ Housewife” and the respective video he describes the perfect suburban idyll: a couple busy with their weekend activities: one working on the car, later at the barbecue, the other one preparing guacamole, doing the laundry and the dishes. I can already hear some women’s outcry: No, please, not that cliché again! What a traditional and conservative role model. Reality has outgrown this way of life. Well, has it really? I doubt it. But it’s not this topic I want to talk about right now.This is not what the song propagates either. The couple Jay Brannan  is singing about is a gay couple, two men with “fucked up pasts” as he calls it but living together very happily: “Two bodies pressed together, two boys are falling hard. The smell of sweat and leather, a kinky greeting card”.

Love makes the singer even wish he could “have his baby” and “wear his ring”, and that is why he enjoys doing all the “housewife-things” for his lover. So it’s not about fixed role models and expectations but only about love and what everyone in this relationship loves to do.

Maybe this could be a clue for a more relaxed attitude towards these expectations in our society. Why not accept it if someone, be it a man or a woman, decides to “work” mainly at home for the family and others go out to “”work” (and earn the money, of course). Both works have to be done, alright?

Jay Brannan dreams about the man he still hasn’t met: “can’t wait ‘til he’s in my life, yeah, cuz we haven’t met …”

I like the way he plays with the cliché. A woman singing this song would possibly risk being harassed. Jay Brannan is certainly allowed to sing it. And he is fun reading, too. Go and check out the bio on his website! 😉

I definitely like this. It is fun. It makes me think about the clichés in my head. Enjoy the song. Enjoy whatever you are doing!