Love is a Losing Game – Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse passed away on 23rd July, 2011. There have been many obituaries celebrating her talent, and her voice will certainly be with us for many years to come. Looking back at her short life many song lyrics gain a very special meaning and impressiveness. We always knew that her life inspired her song lyrics in a very tragic way.

Now we ask ourselves: did it really have to end this way? Was there nothing and nobody to prevent this from happening? Sadly, there are often people living close by the ones with depression, suicidal thoughts and drug problems who nevertheless aren’t able to help – sometimes because the victims don’t want help for whatever reason.

One of her life’s subjects was love. The relationship with her later and then ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil didn’t work out. Love as Amy Winehouse experienced it had something self-destructive about it as shown in her song “Love is a Losing Game” from the album “Back to Black” (2006):

For you I was a flame 
Love is a losing game 
Five storey fire as you came 

To be on fire can be a proper image for love, but this fire is destructive. Their love lies in ruins, destroyed by abuse, drugs and violence. The game is over.

  Oh what a mess we made 
  And now the final frame                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Love is a losing game

Love as a game? It looks as if she saw it like that. The images she uses to describe her experience come from the gambling sphere – and we all know there aren’t many winners in this game:

Self professed and profound
Till the chips were down
Though you’re a gambling man
Love is a losing hand

Much ventured – but nothing gained. She feels doomed. Maybe it’s easier to blame the gods or fate if things don’t work out – and who would dare to say that it’s only up to you to make your way in life. Whoever insists in this hasn’t experienced fate’s blows.

Though I’m better blind 
Love is a fate resigned               
Memories mar my mind                         
Love is a fate resigned

Over futile odds                           
And laughed at by the gods                      
And now the final frame 
Love is a losing game

For many of us love is heaven on earth. For Amy Winehouse it was just another disappointment. It wasn’t as good as its word; it didn’t give her what she needed.

She must have been very lonely if this was her solace:

Tears dry on their own

(from the same-titled song)

I hope you have made a distinct experience. Love CAN be different, don’t you think?


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