German Lazy Song: Keine Zeit – Tim Bendzko

Here comes the German  answer to Bruno Mars‘ „Lazy Song“ – sung by newcomer Tim Bendzko on his new album “Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären” (If words were my language). The song is called “Keine Zeit” (No Time) and  if you want to read the lyrics click here.

Leaving aside the fact that this young man makes me want to run my fingers through his wonderful curly hair 😉 – he has got a beautiful voice and some significant messages in his song lyrics.

This one is about the wish and necessity to take a break, to stay in bed until the afternoon and sleep in. There is nothing so important as not to be postponed until tomorrow. Recharge your batteries, relax and take your time to unwind, meet friends and think about your life.

Not having enough time for these things might make you the loneliest person on earth.

That’s why today I don’t have time to write a longer blog post. I just want to share this cool, light, happy song with you and encourage you to take a break, too! 😉

Have a great weekend everybody and enjoy yourselves!


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