CSI Eurovision? Taken by a Stranger – Lena

Did anyone watch the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday? Not that this is my type of music, but of course I wanted to know how the German contestant, Lena, was going to do in the competition.  When it became obvious that the contribution of Azerbaijan would win I knew that she wouldn’t have a chance with her song “Taken by a Stranger”. Anyway, the song’s popularity in Germany got me a record number of views in the German version of my blog, where I had posted some thoughts about this song. The fact that so many people googled the meaning of the song’s lyrics shows that there is certainly some need for enlightenment. Actually, I could not find any convincing interpretation of the lyrics anywhere on the internet.

I would really appreciate if some English native speakers could take some minutes to read the lyrics, maybe watch the spooky video and let us Germans know what you think the song is about…

Lena Meyer-Landrut – Taken By A Stranger from wiyono on Vimeo.

My theory: either some sort of crime happened: “Taken by a stranger” -‘taken’ meaning ‘fascinated’ or something else???  “She’s got a knuckle in her eye…lured into the danger”,  mirrors shuttering, people disappearing in the video – but then again, at the end there seems to be no victim, so- no crime!

Or: the lady is a professional whore (“he knows her catcall”) specialized on some kind of disguise-role-plays: “Put the blindfold on his eyes. She saw him peek through. Can’t imagine her disguise…”

So, is this a case for CSI or just a glimpse into a dubious night bar? HELP, please ! What do you think? 😉


2 thoughts on “CSI Eurovision? Taken by a Stranger – Lena

  1. I just now search for the meaning of this song, and found this on wikipedia (english wiki):

    Both worked on a basic structure and the lyrics for a few days, before sending it to Monica Birkenes in London. The final production then took Seyffert several weeks. He has commented on the song’s lyrics:
    “We decided on a story of a stranger, who seems a little threatening, or to whom the singer might become threatening. I think it is about expressing a fantasy to be together with a stranger”

    So I guess it’s about wanting to be involoved in a love affair with a stranger. To “be taken by someone” can simply in som cases mean that someone has sex with you.

    • Thanks for your input – I like the idea of both parties being a bit threatening – so there isn’t neither victim nor offender… 😉 it’s all about a fantasy, that’s what I think, too… Thanks again, regards from Germany, Uta

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