As time goes by: Zu schnell vorbei – Clueso

Clueso . Zu schnell vorbei from clueso on Vimeo.  Lyrics can be found here.

People all over the world have been waiting for William’s and Kate’s “royal wedding of the century” (how do they know – the century has just begun…) – and now it’s already past! Time goes by so quickly. This used to be a saying of the older generation; nowadays it looks as if even the younger ones experience the passing of time at an alarming speed. Have things changed? Has our way of life changed? It certainly has!

The song “Zu schnell vorbei” (Gone too quickly) deals with this kind of experience. Clueso, a German singer/songwriter complains: It is crazy, I can’t describe it, everything runs so fast, nobody can stop time. I try to enjoy the moment but I have to go on, otherwise I might miss out on something. I try to remember but memory fades away. I want to hold on to things, people, and feelings, keep them forever – but that doesn’t work either. Time just goes by…

Yes, we need the memory of past times, they belong to our lives.
Yes, we need dreams about a future to motivate us and keep us going.

Maybe the hardest part is this: to be aware of the present, to enjoy the good times we encounter, the beauty around us, the love and friendship, the moment of peace and tranquility that is given to us from time to time amidst the hassle of our daily lives.

The official video for the song illustrates the song’s lyrics in a very impressive way. I would like to call out top the runner: Hey, stop for a moment, look around! You are missing out on so many beautiful places and breathtaking views!

At the end he finally seems to stop, maybe just because he is out of breath. But anyway, there is his chance to enjoy the moment.

Time goes by, that’s a fact. However, we can stop for a moment and just BE there. That is when time seems to stand still – and be it only for us!


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