Who am I? Ando por la vida – Gian Marco

Yo soy un criminal” – I am a criminal – I can’t really believe what Gian Marco confesses at the beginning of this song “Ando por la vida” (lyrics can be found here)– he doesn’t look like one, so charming and relaxed. He kills with words, „traficando versos con palabras asesinas” , but only to ease his pain and lick his wounds („para aniquilar mi pena… lamiendo mis heridas“), that’s ok, isn’t it? He is obviously talking about himself, Gian Marco Zignago , Peruvian singer / songwriter who has already won several prizes in Latin America.

He comes across very convincing; he isn’t a youngster anymore, born in 1970. But first, he describes what he is NOT: not crazy, not frightened, not handsome, not ugly, nor bad-nor good-humored. He isn’t a judge, but a spectator neither, not a bandit or prisoner, neither a bad friend nor a seducer. Also, he is not angry, but not happy neither,  not dump, not civilized but not an animal.

So – what ARE you, one wants to ask him. Are you just average or mediocre, invisible – you can’t be everything neither. No, he doesn’t comply with religious and moral standards – but then again, he is not a lost case.

He is really hard to seize – but I guess that is exactly what he wants and what he means. He doesn’t feel like doing a couple of things – “ya no tengo ganas“- and this list of things says a lot about him as a person.

He doesn’t feel like changing direction all the time just to please others and to conform to the rules. He doesn’t want to pay the bill for things he hasn’t done. He doesn’t feel like attracting attention all the time. He doesn’t feel like being questioned. The impatience of the youth is no longer his („ con los años la impaciencia se acabó“) and has made way for a relaxed and happy serenity. That’s why he can wander through life (”ando por la vida”) well knowing that things might seems strange to others, for him they are normal („lo que para tí es muy raro para mí es normal“).

Even the stories he tells in his songs are recycled (“reciclando historias”) – everything has already been said, there’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t bother him – in the contrary, it discharges him from having to be original all the time.

There are many NO’s in this song, but there are two certainties, too: „…sólo sé que Dios existe y que la vida es un misterio universal“– I only know that God does exist and that life is a universal mystery.

What do you think? Can you live your life with just two certainties? Gian Marco looks like he can do it and he seems very happy and relaxed and confident.

I like this attitude very much. Viva la vida! 🙂


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