The woman of his dreams: You And Me / In My Pocket – Milow

Milow – You And Me (In My Pocket) from Daily Dolores on Vimeo.

Finally it has arrived in Germany:  Milow’s new album „North and South“. And finally, thanks to the song “In My Pocket” (you can read the lyrics here), we know what the woman of his dreams looks (and smells) like: “I wish you smelled a little funny … I wish you were a little bigger, not just big but really fat.” She doesn’t even have to have those long legs that are supposed to be so sexy nor be fast or very sportive: “I wish you were a little slower, not just slow but paralyzed… I really wish that you were smaller, not just small but really, really short.

Well that’s good news, isn’t it? So there is hope for all of us who don’t have the chance to compete in TV series like “Germany’s or America’s Next Top Model”… We still have a chance to win Milow’s heart!

He really comes up with some strange images to describe the woman of his dreams: a mermaid, a cat on the street, a bird, a lamp or the little rag doll that gave the song its name: “…so I could put you in my pocket and carry you around all day”.

What all these images have in common is the wish to keep his dream woman safe and prevent her from running away from him. Maybe Milow has made this experience? Today’s women tend to run away once they are not happy any more. Times are changing… 😉

I guess it’s just meant to be fun. A nice and catchy song and a funny and creative video that comes along with the song. I’m sure Milow knows that you cannot confine a woman, be it in a cage or a tub or your bed. The last scene in the video reveals the only place that is capable of keeping the one you love safe and secure: your heart. If you can’t keep someone in there, you won’t be able to keep him or her close to you at all. On the other hand: you may be able to release a bird from a cage easily – it is much harder to release a person you love. There is always a lot of pain involved. Also, it is no comfort to be reminded that “…there are plenty of fish in the sea” if you are in love with the one and only.

At the beginning the only thing that counts is being with the loved one: “Oh you and me, it would be only you and me”. Once a relationship endures it is important to widen the circle again. Everybody who has been there knows this. But this is a song about the beginning, I suppose….

Actually, I would really love to catch a glimpse of the woman at Milow’s side (if there is one): I bet she has the longest legs, she is slim and clever, she can run and swim very fast and maybe even fly like a bird. Has anyone ever seen her? Maybe he DOES keep her in a bathtub or birdcage?  😉


7 thoughts on “The woman of his dreams: You And Me / In My Pocket – Milow

    • Yes. Some run from less dangerous threats, though – boredom, neglect, tedium….I don’t know. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to fight or better run… 😉
      Thanks for visiting, Sandra!

  1. I find the lyrics very creepy because he really wants the woman to totally depend on him and be helpless without him. There are husbands that feed their wives to obesity so she can’t live without him, not because of any romantic idea, but because she is as dependent on him as a baby is to its mother . It’s the feeling of exclusivity and dependency that he seeks. The song’s lyrics have more in common with the disturbing movie Boxing Helena than with any healthy idea of love. A woman that either no one else wants (smell/obesity) or can have (cage/tub) or a woman that depends on him (paraplegic/obese) becomes just an object he wants to own. It’s an interesting and new (for me) lyrical concept but it’s not about love or his “perfect woman”, its about control and ownership of a female of the species.
    Hey, but that’s just my take….

    • if that’s what Milow really means, it IS creepy and insane… but I personally see irony in the lyrics. I think he wants to say exactly waht you described: it is not possible and healthy to have a relationship like this – but hey, that’s MY take! Thanks for your comment!

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