A sad song about happiness: What Happiness Means To Me – Amy Macdonald

Another year of my life has passed – time to make up a balance. How do I see my life? Am I happy with what I am doing, with what I have achieved so far? Where am I going, what about my plans and dreams? I won’t tell you in detail, but yes, I am happy. And that is why Amy Macdonald’s song This is what happiness means to me from her album “A Curious Thing” (2010) crossed my mind today. You can find the song’s lyrics here.

The song is about happiness but it is a song in minor, rather sad, slow, and thoughtful. : “Maybe in the end we would cry …And the tears did fill my eyes, and the memories they all had passed”. Obviously a great love story has ended: “Will I ever see your face again? Will I ever touch your skin?” There are many reasons to be un-happy, to moan and lament. She has trusted in him. “… I believe in every book I’ve ever read and what you said”. There is enough reason to make accusations, but this just doesn’t happen. I like the way she deals with her feelings and experiences.

What happened, the memories, the good things, the love they shared, makes her happy: “This is what happiness means to me”. Maybe this is the clue to real happiness – to be aware of

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the good things that happen to me even if they don’t last. And they never do, right? Happiness comes along from time to time. I can’t hold on to it, I can’t take it hostage. I can only grasp it at the moment, make it mine forever in my memory. We can learn to be happy. It all depends on how we deal with what happens to us in life. Can we accept it, enjoy it or endure it and let it go if necessary? The memory of all those good moments makes us happy, too.

I am happy today. I could write a long list of people, things, incidents, memories, hopes and dreams that make me happy, incidents that at the time might have troubled me. Now I am happy that they are part of my life. They made me who I am. That’s good.

What about you? Can a song in minor talk convincingly about happiness? Can sad memories make you happy? Then maybe this song is for you as well… 😉


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