Male fantasies? In My Head – Jason Derulo

You can find the lyrics and the song on youtube.

I have to admit: I like the song. Whenever I hear Jason Derulo’s “In My Head” on the radio while driving the car, I have to sing along. The beat, the melody – it gets me moving. I even have it on my iPod. But, honestly, have you had a look at the lyrics? Come on, guys, do you really have nothing else in mind?

In  1977/78 Klaus Theweleit wrote a book called “Male Fantasies” – I think he would have loved the song as a case study object.

The scene: a club, loud music, people partying. Derulo thinks that “everybody is looking for love”. He might be right. Aren’t we all looking for love, all the time? There might be differences in as what to understand by the word “love”. Derulo makes it quite clear in the course of the song.


The woman he is talking about is enjoying herself, trying to get to know and meet someone. She is dancing with another man “looking for love”. This is what brings the singer into the arena: „Just say the word and we’ll go“. He comes to the point without hesitation: “I’ll be your teacher, I’ll show you the ropes“. He, of course, is the teacher, the expert in “all things love”, she is the inexperienced student. He makes short work: “Instead of talking let me demonstrate. Get down to business, let’s skip foreplay“. Dancing, talking, foreplay, it’s all “game”, it’s all delay. This may indeed be a “side of love” you haven’t experienced. He adheres to his fantasies. The girl fulfills them: „In my head, I see you all over me. In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.

Maybe, hopefully, she gets her money’s worth, too.

I know, it’s not about the lyrics in this song. It’s about the beat, the rhythm, the performance. But still: the lyrics are there – and they promote a certain image of men and women and their roles, you may like it or not.

At the end of the song I ask myself: Would I want Jason Derulo as my “teacher“? Hmm, not sure…

But then again: I like the song, despite the macho demeanor. It’s not about the lyrics, right?  Let’s just dance the night away… 😉


3 thoughts on “Male fantasies? In My Head – Jason Derulo

    • Hi Peter, thanks for visiting my blog. No, I’m not a song writer, just interested in music, but I do care about the lyrics, I really think they can have an impact. In the German version of my blog I had a look at John Lennon’S “Imagine”, I should translate it for the English site. What a great song…

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