Who’s got the power? We are the people – Empire Of The Sun

You can watch the video here.
You can read the lyrics here.
A telephone company commercial pushed this song from 2008 by the Australian music project “Empire Of The Sun” into the German top charts. The ad was quite successful and well made: young people looking for love and finding it in the jungle of the city. You can’t really survive without a smart phone.

We are the people that rule the world. A force running in every boy and girl, all rejoicing in the world. Take me now – we can try.” This is the vibe of today’s younger generation: enjoy, have fun, determine your life, live now!

But then again, there are also memories of past times, maybe better times: adventure, never-ending summer, falling in love before it was too late, be there for each other: „The feeling was stronger. The shock hit eleven, got lost in your eyes.“ A year is mentioned: 1975. The smart phone generation may not even now, but it was kind of an exciting year: The end of the Vietnam War and of the Franco Regime in Spain, first treaties for disarmament in Europe were signed, but also war in Lebanon, RAF-terror in Germany…Times were changing. Maybe there is a hint of this feeling in the verses that introduce the song: „We can remember swimming in December, heading for the city lights in 1975. We share in each other, nearer than farther, the scent of a lemon drips from your eyes.” Hippie-feeling?

At first glance this is definitely a love song. About memories and about the fear that this love could be over: “Are you gonna leave me now? Can’t you be believing now?” These verses are being repeated all over again in the last part of the song, somehow boring but also summoning the lost feeling :“ Can’t you be believing now?” But what are we supposed to believe in? Love, power, music? So far, so good.

But then, there is also the official video for this song. It’s really worth watching, completely crazy and absurd. It has been shot in Mexico and takes in several mythological and religious motives of this country.

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The Aztec calendar for example is dragged through the desert and later reappears in a jungle setting. The two singers dressed up as Mexican-Indian warriors or medicine men, on their search for “the Goddess” meet a man digging a well which actually is a tomb for the two travelers. The “Goddess” then carries them off into a jungle scenery where they meditate and find the water of life. But suddenly they find themselves in a traditional Mexican procession of the “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) and the “Goddess” turns out to be the “Goddess of Death”. At the end of the video the two men are lying (dead?) in the desert again. A mysterious man watches them while the text “we are the people” is displayed.

With the video the song becomes more than a simple love song. It even has political connotations if you hear them: “we (are) the people” are the beginning words of the American Constitution. You can just sing and dance along this song if you want so.

But you could also contemplate on questions like: Who has the power? The people, the politicians, the media? Who has got all the information? “ I know everything about you. You know everything about me. We know everything about us.“ The video preaches: water is life. We know that but actually neglect it. We dig our own graves and dance our own death dance.You could think about all this. But of course you can also just enjoy the music – if you like it. I do.  🙂

Let me know what YOU think.


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